The House

We are finally getting the house fully set up the way we want it.
The living room still has a hand me down couch, but it is comfortable and a place to sit, and I am using an old quilt as a cover, so it looks homey, which I love. We ordered a TV center that we need to put together to get the TV, game systems, and cable box all organized. Once we do that, the living room will be set up fully.
The master bedroom is done. We invested in a brand new bed, the first one we have ever had together. It was past due and I have slept so well since we got it all set up. The room is a tranquil oasis for us decorated in our personal spartan style.
The kitchen, the heart of the home, is the way we want it. Lots of open space to move around and cook.
Mini still has to decide how he wants his room decorated as he transitions from little boy into teenager. But that will come in due time.
And the spare bedroom has been taken over by craft stuff. So it is now my sewing room. I love having a space to go where I can turn on my music and start sewing whenever I want.
The house isn’t as large as my sisters all have and it isn’t fancy, but it is ours, and we absolutely love it. Plus we have over an acre of land, which is important to us.

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