Blanket a Month?

Over the next two weeks, I am FINALLY going to finish all the afghans and quilts I was planning to make different people for Christmas, including the one that will be draped over my recliner in my bedroom (which was supposed to be an afghan for my bed, but I don’t think I will have enough yarn to make it a queen size and the verigated yarn I am using has been discontinued).
So, once I am done with them, I am thinking I will start early for next year and make a blanket or afghan a month between now and next year. Does anyone want to join me in the blanket a month challenge? I would like to use this year to work on my different skills and learn some new methods.
So… Who is with me?

New Year, New Me

Well, I am serious about the weight loss thing. Maybe getting to my goal weight will help with my blood pressure, maybe it will help with my self esteem. So, this is the start. Over the last week, I lost one pound, which isn’t bad. A few things are going to start happening.
First I am going to start keeping a food diary on my computer. I will keep track of everything i eat and drink. The first step is to drink more water. I know, most people say drinking water helps, and maybe it will.
I also have a walking partner, in a way. Twice a day I will walk the dog for 10 minutes at a time to start. I am also going to take a nutrition class online that I found for free. This is a start. Oh, and when I walk with the dog, I will wear actual sneakers and not sandals or boots, something comfortable to walk in.
My initial goal is 145 pounds. I will do a “Weigh-In Wednesday” and I will refuse to step on the scale any other day. I will not obsess about the number.
It takes a lot for me to admit just how much I have let the number get out of control. I am currently a size 16-18 depending on the garment. That is unacceptable for me. My first goal is to get down to a size 14 again.
It won’t be easy, and I will slip up a little, but it is all about getting back on the proverbial horse when I mess up.


Well, it’s the start of the new year. Time to renew the promises made last year that weren’t upheld.
I usually don’t make a resolution to begin the new year. I don’t see the point of becoming a self professed martyr when you don’t live up to the resolutions. So, I have never made one seriously as an adult. Oh, yeah, as a kid or teen I made the usual ones, get a boyfriend during the year, to pass every single test I took, etc… But as an adult? Never.
So, why change that this year? Because something needs to change. Over the last 12 months, I have gained 25 pounds. That might not sound like too much, but for me, it is. It has caused the effects of my PCOS to be worse, more visible, and has severely effected my self esteem.
So, my goal for this year is to drop the 25 pounds I gained last year plus 10 more (I was already slightly overweight to begin with). Even though I have the “pounds” goal, I will not o seas over it. I will, however, work on toning my stomach, getting my legs back to the killer gams I had growing up (my legs were one of my two best features), and I will tighten my tushy.
Over the next week or so I need to join some accountability blog circles, find a work out partner who will walk/run with me, and set up realistic goals for myself. I need to really clean out my fridge and pantry of the junk, and I need to find my favorite skirt under the junk in my closet to use as motivation.
Who is with me on this goal?