Summer Days

Well, with the last day of school 2 weeks in the rear view mirror, it is time, once again, to plan for the summer.
My family up North, the Yankee part of this Country Yankee, has so wonderfully volunteered to take Mini Man for 6 weeks! So he will get to play with his cousins, see aunts and uncles, and Grandma Weeze, and all the greats and grands. He has a blast up there for the summers, so I am happy he gets to go.
His plane tickets are booked, his bag is in the process of being packed (one carry on no more than 50 pounds), and he is excited.
So, where does that leave me? Glad you asked. As long as the situation with the dog works out, I will be able to go on the road with The Man all summer! I did this once before and had an absolute blast. Besides the whole traveling while being paid thing, I get to spend some real quality time with him. Lately, with the way the company has been with home time, it feels like things are always rushed with us when he is home. Trying to fit an entire month of stuff into three days.
So, now we will get some good, quality, one on one time together to just hang out, talk, and just be together.
I don’t know who is more excited, me or Mini Man for our respective vacations, lol.

A Mini Big Foot?

The Man and I play a few iPhone games together. They are a way that we bond and spend time together while he is working. One of our friends in one of our games has taken to calling him Sasquatch because he is huge and she is tiny. That name had me laughing yesterday.
My BFF warned me, she said it would come soon, but I didn’t believe her. I didn’t want to believe her. But, in the last month, Mini Man has become more like his father than I realized!
Both The Man and Brother Man are tall, over 6 feet. The Man’s Sister is also tall. So it stands to reason that Mini Man will be tall, too.
He has been cranky lately and he has been eating non-stop. Two sure signs of a growth spurt. His pre-teen hormones have exploded, too. He has the first few acne blemishes of puberty (do boys even call them blemishes?), and has been needing deodorant for about a year now.
I pulled out his summer clothes and they are too small, so he needs all new clothes! Even the stuff I got him last year and put away is too small!
He is now wearing 20×28 pants! What happened to the little boy who wore a simple size 12?
His shirts are all adult small now, which is sad because half the printed tshirts in the adult section are just that, too adult in theme.
But, what gets me, is his shoes. He got a brand new pair about 6 weeks ago and, already, they were torn up. Upon closer inspection, there were holes in the top where his big toe was popping through! The soles were falling off, actually not attached! He goes through shoes faster than Chumlee from Pawn Stars collects them! I need a shoe budget for him bigger than my own!
So, I had him put on his nasty falling apart sneakers and off to Walmart we went. Thankfully, they had shoes on sale. But, I could not find 6.5’s. so, I got him 7’s, in men’s!!! The Man wears 12-13’s! I wear a 6.5 in men’s (cleats from the soccer days).
I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up! My little boy is a Little Man now!
Sunrise, Sunset.