Adventures From The Passenger Seat

I know I have not written all summer, even after that speech about turning this into what I intended, lol, but I have been having so much fun!
The Mini has been visiting my family in NY for the summer, so I had the opportunity to spend the summer on the road with The Man. I have done this once before, but now we are both a bit older and he is a bit more experienced.
The Man and I are one of those annoying couples who tell each other everything, and talk about everything. We really are each other’s best friend. That being said, the summer together (well, the last month) has been amazing! We are even closer now!
Last time I went out with him, he got Penny, the 2012 truck. This summer, he got Lady Luck, a brand new 2015 truck! So the joke has become that I need to come out every year so he gets a new truck every year, lol.
Lady Luck is awesome! And The Man is so lucky to work for a company who puts their money where their mouth is! With the new push for driver health, wellness and nutrition, Maverick has done their part by putting a fridge in the new company trucks! This makes things so much easier to eat healthy on the road.
Now, for the adventures! This year we went to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, and a few other places. We saw beautiful vistas in West Virginia and Virginia in the Appalachia’s, passed several amusement parks, and even passed a few Major League Baseball games!
I got some amazing pictures of the different sights, a few shots of the different stadiums and amusement parks, and even some sad shots of tornado damaged areas.
We have had the opportunity to have a date night at least once a week at the place at whichever truck stop we were at, something we don’t normally get to do.
I met some great Maverick drivers, too. At one place we stopped, it was dark and I walked to the building to use the rest room, a Maverick was pulling out of his spot and followed me back to the truck with his lights on so I could see, then flashed his brights to say goodbye when he saw I was safely back to the truck!
Another saw us looking for a spot so he waited and gave us his spot since he was pulling out and the lot was full.
When we stopped in Birmingham to swap a trailer with another driver, I saw a girl enter the cab of a truck of a company, then leave a few minutes later to knock on the doors of other trucks. I guess that driver proved why he works for a company whose name means quickly! And, yes, the girl was a lot lizard.
At a delivery, we were talking to two different Maverick drivers, first one then the other. A woman driver from another company came in and, after trying to back into a dock for about an hour or so, flustered she gave up and backed into another door.
Later that day, we got to play Good Samaritan. We witnessed an accident and The Man and I stayed until everything was over, making sure everyone was ok and the larger debris was out of the road after taking pictures of where everything was. The elderly woman was so thankful she asked for our contact information and The Man’s boss’s contact information so her husband could call to personally thank us.
I will figure out how to post pictures here and post as many as I can. When The Mini comes home I will post about his summer. Tonight is my last night in the truck, so we are going to do a final summer Date Night and just enjoy each other’s company for one last night alone together.
I hope everyone has had as much fun and as great a summer as I have had! Thank you Maverick for allowing me to have the opportunity with your rider policies and for such a great family atmosphere!

Summer Days

Well, with the last day of school 2 weeks in the rear view mirror, it is time, once again, to plan for the summer.
My family up North, the Yankee part of this Country Yankee, has so wonderfully volunteered to take Mini Man for 6 weeks! So he will get to play with his cousins, see aunts and uncles, and Grandma Weeze, and all the greats and grands. He has a blast up there for the summers, so I am happy he gets to go.
His plane tickets are booked, his bag is in the process of being packed (one carry on no more than 50 pounds), and he is excited.
So, where does that leave me? Glad you asked. As long as the situation with the dog works out, I will be able to go on the road with The Man all summer! I did this once before and had an absolute blast. Besides the whole traveling while being paid thing, I get to spend some real quality time with him. Lately, with the way the company has been with home time, it feels like things are always rushed with us when he is home. Trying to fit an entire month of stuff into three days.
So, now we will get some good, quality, one on one time together to just hang out, talk, and just be together.
I don’t know who is more excited, me or Mini Man for our respective vacations, lol.