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Recently, one of Cowboy’s coworkers put in his 2 weeks notice. When trying to decide how to replace this person, he suggested Cowboy for the job. When he got the call with the offer, we were surprised, this came totally out of left field.
Well, since it is, technically, a promotion, he accepted after we briefly discussed if he was up to the task or not. We decided that, yes, he can do it and is up for the task. Great!
Now, because the position he would be leaving is essential to the operation of the casino, he can’t really begin his new job until he is replaced on shift and the new person is ready to go solo.
After searching for about a week for a new person, I got a phone call. Apparently, they pulled an old application I had with the casino, asked everyone higher up, and Cowboy. They all agreed I can do it and there would be no conflict since we would not be on shift together and there would be no way one could supervise the other.
So, the job is mine pending my casino card (7 year criminal history, 9 panel drug test, and finger prints). As soon as the background check comes through I will give my notice at Goodwill and will be moving on.
Goodwill has been good to us. It has kept rent paid, kept the lights on and kept food on the table. I have made some great friends here and learned a lot of good things. The people there are all great and I have enjoyed my time with every one of them.
This is a great opportunity for my family and myself.