What would you, really, say?

With the recent Supreme Court cases coming p, it got me thinking. So many people are posting graphics about marriage equality or gay rights. It is the cause du jour right now. But, what would you REALLY say?
What would you REALLY say if your mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter told you that they were gay based only on your public stand point on “marriage equality,” based on a graphic you posted? Would you really accept them?
Lets take it further, since we are talking marriage rights and equality. What if your son or daughter came up to you and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m polyamorous.” Would you be as accepting of them then? Would you support them and welcome their partners to your family table? Or would you draw back in shock and hatred?
What about other unconventional relationships that are between consenting adults? What about a kink relationship? Would you look differently on your daughter is she said to you, “Mom, Dad, I am a submissive in a committed kink based relationship,” as opposed to “Mom and Dad, I am a submissive wife based on Biblical female submission?” The only main difference there is the sexual aspect.
If your sister or brother came to you to reveal they were polyamorous, would you say they were wrong or what happens in their bedroom was their own business? Or would you disown that person and say they were not a family member any longer?
Which is it? Are you for marriage equality or not? Or are you only for marriage equality for same sex couples but not for anyone else? You would be surprised at how many people might be in what the general population would consider conventional relationships.
Think about that a minute. What do you think, now?

My Style

Dressing like I do, and living smack dab in the buckle of the Bible Belt, I get a lot of comments on my wardrobe. I am asked if I am a member of the Duggar family, or what church I attend, or if I am a Pentecostal, or what Jewish Temple I attend. All because of how I dress. I usually politely answer the person asking, but it does get annoying sometimes.

I would best describe my style as conservative, I don’t feel the need to flaunt my body with tight, revealing clothes, and I like to look feminine. Its my own personal preference.¬†

I wear skirts pretty much exclusively, mid calf length or longer. I know this is almost unheard of for women my age, but I only own two pairs of jeans, one blue and one black. I almost never wear them. I like the line of a skirt, the look of them. Yes, it is hard to find skirts like that in my size, but my mom did teach me to sew and, in fact, just got me a brand new sewing machine for Christmas, and I do use it, and make many of my skirts. I just had to reinforce my favorite skirt pattern again. I also find great skirts at thrift stores and the Salvation Army store! Lots of them there! I also have turned lots of those strapless sun dresses into control top skirts. I do wear sun dressed, also.

I HATE low cut tops that show deep cleavage I don’t wear “belly shirts” that show midsection. I shouldn’t feel the need to show my belly to be popular. I, personally, with my body type, think it looks trashy to show my belly or too much cleavage.

I also usually wear a bandana or other hair covering. Anyone who grew up around me knows just how thick my hair is. It, literally, looks like a fuzz ball when I don’t take three hours to straighten it. I like to wear it down and it is long, down to my backside, so I usually cover the top of my head with a bandana to keep it under control while it is down and long.

I don’t try to push my style on people, I don’t look down on those who do not dress like I do, who dress the exact opposite way. I do, however, hate when people try to press their way of dressing on me. The way a person dresses is how they express themselves, it says a lot about a person.
This is to put this all out here, it is to tell people I am comfortable this way, I am not comfortable wearing jeans the way most of them are cut, my husband likes the way I dress, and, most importantly, I like the way I dress.

If you have a problem with the way I dress or the way I look, well, you know where the door is, don’t let it hit you in the keister on the way out, if you judge someone because they don’t dress like you, I don’t need or want you as a friend, acquaintance, or reader.

Weight and Health

I know my weight is effecting my blood pressure. I know my weight is effecting my PCOS and its side effects. I know my weight is effecting my way of life. I don’t drink nearly enough water. I eat too much crap.

So, starting today, right now, I am on a mission to lose a bit of weight. I have succumbed to self pity and depression, between the car situation and the advancement of the PCOS’s visual side effects. So, I am going to fix it.

I am giving myself one week to change my eating habits, then I will buy a scale and track my weight loss, weighing myself every week.

I will cut my coffee drinking in half, making a half a pot instead of a whole pot a day. I am cutting out soda, replacing it instead with almost frozen water, and cutting out unhealthy snacks, including Cheetos, my weakness. I will also be walking more. Three days a week when I check the mail, I will take the long way, extending the walk to 20 minutes instead of 10, three times a week, with the 10 minute walk on the days I am not extending it to 20.

I don’t have a specific weight in mind, just healthier. I want to get rid of the belly fat and tone up my tummy a little bit, I also want to get my legs as toned as they were when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with the way I look, but I want to be healthier.

Wish me luck! I will share weight loss and maybe even pictures with the blog once a month!