Well, with the passing of the not-so-mini’s birthday, the holidays here are in full swing. Since its just the three of us for Thanksgiving, its a lot less prep than most people, especially since Cowboy is working that day, and I work graveyard the night before.
Crafting and cleaning are happening, since there is not as much time as I would like to complete the crafts. I have a few quilting projects to do, some crochet, and a few other crafting projects I want to get done, plus lots of baking. Since I am in an office now with a small staff, I would love to bring in some kind of fresh baked cookie every week for everyone to share.
Plus I want to make a few quilted ornaments for our tree since we are still trying to reestablish out collection after they were all lost in our move here.
This time of year, though, not having friends comes in handy, since I don’t have friends to get or make gifts for. Gotta look on the bright side of everything, right?
Cowboy and I were talking about the Not-So-Mini’s Christmas present the other day. His main gift is going to be a laptop since he is using my old one and the charging port isn’t working right. And Cowboy’s main Christmas gift will actually be Christmas and birthday together.