Birds… Additions and Update

Six months ago, we went to the feed store to look at adding another parakeet to our cage. We just went just to look with no intention of actually buying, just checking the general health of the current flock, the colors available and the activity. We were mainly looking for a female since our current female, Bird Snow, is an albino and, therefore, does not mate.
For a while, Cowboy has been wanting a different kind of bird, a small parrot. When we went into the area where they keep the birds, guess what was there? That’s right, small parrots, more specifically, lovebirds! So we went ahead and got a lovebird! Go in for a $20 parakeet, without even being positive we were going to buy one, and walk out with a $50 lovebird, plus food for her, since she doesn’t eat the same food as the parakeets.
Since we have gotten them, we have been working with the parakeets to hand tame them. Well, Ramsey has started to stand on my finger and eat seed out of my open palm! I can also, slowly, move my hand with him on my finger, without him freaking out! So proud of him!

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