If I were so inclined, I would say, in this moment, I am blessed. As I sit here, in my own home, surrounded by the things that are important to me, listening to our pets play, I am thankful.
We don’t have much “stuff” but, what we have we have earned ourselves. The things we have collected over the years are not expensive, they are not fancy, and others my age would probably laugh or think less of us because of the things we choose to surround ourselves with. But, to us and our family, they are the little things that make life good.
We don’t have framed artwork on the walls or breakable collectibles. We do have things that are more our style, though. A stuffy collection, POP figures, lanyards and sports teams. College football things and video games.
We have our pets. The cacophony of birds, the cat’s bell ball toy, and the dog’s squeeky pheasant. Those sounds combined with 8-bit video game sounds and music are the music of our lives. And, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am truly thankful.

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