Winter Bug

Every year at this time, some sort of winter bug goes around. I got hit hard this year. There are some things I wish people realize when they come into work with a contagious bug like this one. Besides infecting customers (and on Wednesday that can be especially bad since Wednesday is Senior Discount day at work). But infecting coworkers is not good either.
When it comes to me getting sick, I wish there were a few things people understand. I am not running from you because I don’t like you, I am not avoiding you because I am a snob, I am not sitting by myself because I am a diva. I am doing it for self preservation.
Here are a few things to remember when I act this way.
I have a heart condition. This heart condition manifests itself in blood pressure issues. When I get sick, even with a cold, my blood pressure spikes. This causes my heart to work harder, causing the deformed valve to leak.
Because of my blood pressure, I can not take 99% of over the counter medications. You can just take DayQuil and be on your way. I can not. DayQuil and other OTC medications cause high blood pressure to go even higher for an extended period of time. This is not good, for above stated reasons. The OTC stuff I can take costs double what the stuff you can take costs and takes twice as long to get rid of the “ick” because it’s not as strong.
I, personally, am susceptible to pneumonia. I have had it 4 of the last 7 years, one year tot he point where I was 12 hours from drowning to death in my own lungs. One more bout with pneumonia and the doctors will no longer be able to put off valve replacement surgery, which is open heart surgery. So I would be out of work as long as it takes to fight the pneumonia plus the length of time needed for the open heart surgery and recovery.
My husband has an auto-immune disorder, so his immune system is compromised. So, if I bring home a bug, chances are, he will get it, too, causing him to miss work as well.
Because of all these factors, yes, I will call out of work when I am sick, and, yes, I will go to the doctor. If a bug settles in my chest, I am especially careful and watchful that it does not stay there long enough to turn into pneumonia. I will blow my nose 70billion times a day, I will cough out whatever gunk is in my lungs, I will do the responsible thing and avoid people as much as possible while sick or while you are sick. It’s not being stuck up or a diva. It’s not being anti-social. It IS self preservation. It IS looking out for myself and my family. It IS in my best interest. If your feelings are hurt because I avoided you, I am not sorry. I need to look out for myself and my health and need to put me first, something I am getting better at doing.

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