Year in Review…. Looking Ahead.

Wow! 2014 has been a year of ups and downs for us. It started out great! Mini was doing well in school and Cowboy was finally past the retaliation for making a safety report.
Over the summer, Mini spent a few months with my side of the family. I hit the road with Cowboy. It was a blast!
When Cowboy and I got home, Mini soon followed. We began some minor advanced training of the family dog. She already knew sit, stay, and lay down. So, a few packs of hot dogs later, she now knows “sit and shake hand” “hide” “Abbie home” and “wake up Mini.”
Then, in September, the year went to hell. The community in the game we play fell apart. It has not been the same since.
Then, Cowboy got hurt. His truck tried to run him over and he broke his leg. He was out on worker’s comp for a few months, working 8 hours a day in the office. It was nice to have him home every day.
When Cowboy went back on the road, his fellow drivers started treating him like a rookie, disrespecting him and his experience. Stuff has happened he is not comfortable with, much of it just on the line of illegal. He was outright told to fudge something. (And people wonder why Tracy Morgan’s accident happened, it’s industry wide). I will cover the industry stuff at another time.
His reputation was threatened by a coworker who told Cowboy to drop an issue before something happens. We lived through the starvation miles and retaliation for 12 weeks last year, we can do it again. He will not risk his life, health, or CDL for you.
Then today the gaming group began to fall apart again.
I just hope 2015 is better.

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