A Smoker No Longer!

With little breaks for Basic Training and pregnancy, I have been a smoker since the day after I turned 16. After doing a bit of research, I decided it was time to quit, but I knew I would fail if I quit cold turkey and if I just cut down, I knew I would fail also. I decided the best way for me to quit would be to vape instead.
I decided to get myself the vape set up instead of cigarettes when I ran out one day and have not looked back since!
Right away I noticed a difference in my health and well being! Right away, my clothes and hair stopped smelling like smoke. My cough went away and my blood pressure is no longer in severe stroke range (it’s still high but not as severely high). After two days, I had that throat scabby feeling and taste as my throat healed from the years of abuse from smoking.
After a week, I could breathe better and had more energy. I can walk with my son without getting winded. I was able to take full, deeper breaths.
Three weeks after switching I began tasting things again. My skin looks better, too.
All in all, I am glad I made the decision to quit.

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