My Journals

Everyone who sees my paper journals says the same thing. They ask where I got the journal.
The truth is that I create my own journal kits. I start with a plain journal, just any old journal that I happen to find cute or pretty. The journal must be acid free paper.
After picking out the new journal, I have a plastic box where I keep everything. In this box, I keep everything I need. One rule for the journal kits it that everything must be acid free.
I have colored pencils, markers, a glue stick, scissors, stickers, anything that I might want to use plus cool pens of all different colors.
As far as entries, I include not only my thoughts and whatever I want to write about but also things I want to keep. I use the glue stick to add things like ticket stubs, receipts, print outs, letters and notes, really anything I think us cool or I want to add to entries.
Flipping through my current journal I have a sketch if quirk squares I want to make some day, doodles in different colors, traveler’s ticket stubs, a receipt from a dinner Big J took me to one night in an entry about that meal, a line of nail polish I was wearing when I wrote the entry, color swatches we used to pick the paint for our bedroom.
My journals aren’t so much a written account of what’s going on but also a sort of personal life scrapbook.
You can make your own journaling kit, just make sure everything in the kit is acid free!

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