I have realized that there has been a decrease in the domestic arts, at one time called the womanly arts. I don’t know if it is the demand for instant gratification of the “me generation” or just the availability of things for purchase, the quicker pace of things, or a combination of all three. I was in Wally World yesterday and I was shocked to see that a simple 2 panel kitchen curtain is $60! I enjoy standing at my kitchen sink to do dishes. Yes, I am weird, but, it is time I use to think, meditate, and wind down the day. Especially during the summer, it is starting to cool off for the day, dinner is done, and the day is ending. A major bonus for me is having a window over my sink.
It just amazes me that a place where so many wonderful things are made by hand, that most people would prefer to go out and spend $60 for a set of curtains, a set that would take an hour and a halk to make, maybe three hours if you don’t have a sewing machine.
There was a time when every woman would have a sewing machine on her bridal gift table, when she would take pride in the appliance, and know how to use it. Now, what a surprise a newlywed man has when he pops a button off a shirt and he finds out his young bride doesn’t know how to fix it! Heck, even my ten year old son can sew a button on!I have a friend who doesn’t know how to fix a simple seam on her work apron and has asked me to fix it several times. People look at us weirdly when we look at places to live and my husband asks if the extra bedroom is big enough for a sewing room for me because he knows the enjoyment I get from sewing things for my family.
This is an issue that I, a single seamstress’s daughter, can’t fix on my own, but I can damn sure do my best.
So, my challenge to all of you out there in cyber land is this. Choose one thing, a dish towel, a dish cloth, a set of placemats, table cloth, curtains. Choose one item for your own kitchen, and make it yourself. I’m not asking you to become the Vera Wang of kitchen textiles, or the next Martha Steward, just something simple. Something for you to get the joy and satisfaction of knowing you created it, start to finish, from first measurement to final hem.
Ok, I am done with my rant. I think I am going to make myself some new curtains for my kitchen window, something light ans summery.

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