More Educational Excitement…

As I finished writing my last entry, my son hands me several sheets of paper, asking me to grade them and give them to him in the morning. Now, we do not home school. We considered it but, for our own reasons, we do not. This was all done FOR FUN by my almost 10 year old!
The first sheet he handed me was an essay, yes, you read that right, an essay, he did for fun, on his own. This essay is on the history of animation, including examples of significant animation projects (Loony Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Animaniacs, Toy Story, Pixar, and The Simpsons). This essay is front and back of a sheet of loose leaf.
The second thing he handed me is a graph of the solar system, including planet names, their symbol, each planet’s moon(s), and the planet’s classification (planet, sun, moon, comet, dwarf planet, etc…).
The third is a sheet with math problems from a text book his teacher gave him for the summer (a fifth grade math book).
This kid is too much sometimes. His interest in history makes my heart melt.

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