Family Time

Big J was home this weekend, so we had a fun filled weekend of family time, mixed with a little bad weather, lol.
He got home Thursday afternoon just before the storms came in. Things got a little dicey for a little while but, with him home, I was more confident and comforted to know it would all be ok. We were fine and it passed us without incident.
Friday we spent most of the day playing our game together. There was an event that gave double the experience for actions, so we enjoyed that. People may think it is weird or wrong for us to still play a game like we do, but for us, it is cheaper than a date night and we are still spending time with kiddo while doing it. And it is something we both like to do. Its also a way for us to spend time together while he is on the road.
Saturday we hung out all day doing things with kiddo. It was still raining and we lost power for a few hours in the afternoon, but the storms were not as bad as they were on Thursday. Big J and Little J  played a board game together while I worked on a crochet afghan.
Sunday we went to lunch with Big J’s parents, which is always a fun time. We went to the catfish place. After we got home it was time to make sure Big J’s laundry was done so I wasn’t rushing around all night to do it. We got a few more hours of game time in, too, and let Little J watch some old cartoons (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, etc).
We waited Monday for a load to come in and, since there was no load, we got an extra day to hang out and did some more in our game. We helped Little J do some advanced math (Ok, Big J helped him with that while I watched, math never was my best subject).
Finally a load came in on Tuesday, so Big J had to go back to work after playing a game of basketball with Little J.
All in all, it was a good weekend and we had some family fun time, which always is a good thing. I am always amazed to watch the two J’s interact and play. Little J adores his father. As Little J gets older, I am watching their relationship and their bond change as Little J grows into a young man.
I am truely blessed with my family. .

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