Bar soap bath pouch

I was thinking about what to do yesterday for a quick and easy little crochet project and came up with a pouch for bars of soap that also double as a wash cloth.

I used an “L” hook and two colors of yarn, but you can use any hook and any type/color of yarn you have around. This is a good way to use up those little bits of yarn that are not long enough to really do anything else with.


This is my first time writing a pattern of my own, but here goes:

Chain 32
DC in 3rd ch from hook, DC in each st across (30 DC) Ch 2 and turn
DC in every stitch (30 Dc) Change yarn CH 2 and turn
DC in every st (30 DC) ch 2 and turn
2 more rows of 30 DC in second color. Change yarn, ch2 and turn
3 Rows of 30 DC in original color. Do not tie off.

Fold in half so the stripe is vertical and the fold is the bottom short side.
SC the first side seam with 15 SC (put the hook in all four loops of each stitch) (15 seam SC)
Slip Stitch across the bottom
Seam the second long side the same way you did the first, a SC stitch through all stitches along this side (15 SC seam stitches) Finish off and weave in ends. Add a bar of soap and there you go!
I used green for the stripe since this one is for Big J’s bar of Irish Spring. I will make a pink stripe for my bar of body soap in a bit.
I used both yarns to make the seam stitches to add strength. You can also add a round of SC around the top if you like to give it a more finished look.

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