Secret Sisters!

One of the things I do with some fellow trucker wives is a Secret Sister exchange. Every few months, you are given the name and address of one of the wives in the group along with a short bio, and you use that as well as what you already know about her from the group posts and you make a little care package to brighten her day. I just got a care package from my Secret Sister today. I got some cool things from my SS! Can’t wait until the time is up and I find out who she is.

The first two pics are hand made dish cloths which match the eclectic style of my kitchen. Then there is the knook kit (knooking is knitting using crochet hooks) which I am going to try to learn to do tonight for a little bit, and the fourth pic is the candy she included in the box. I love the pressed sugar candies like SweetTarts, and she sent me a whole box of them!
I love doing things like this with the group. It is just something that brightens a person’s day and reminds a trucker’s wife that others are going through what she is and that she is not alone. One never knows when their care package might help someone make it through those last few days before her husband comes home after a long period out on the road.
Thank you to my SS! I love the package!

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