This Week’s Progress

Lots of projects started recently, so, how about an update?
I started to read a Quilting for Dummies book and decided to try a simple traditional quilt block since all of my quilt tops have been basic variations of the jelly roll quilt.
This is my first attempt at a Double Nine Patch quilt block. I know the materials don’t match a traditional color set up, this was just practice. I might quilt this by itself and use it as a table mat on my night stand or something.

This will eventually be a blanket for Mini’s bed. He chose the verigated yarn. The pattern will be 8 rows verigated, 8 gray, 8 verigated, 8 aqua, 8 verigated, 8 light gray, 8 verigated, 8 light blue.

And my final project this week….
This is my first basket style crochet project. When it is finished I will be using it to hold my hair accessories. Hopefully the finished product matches what I am trying to do, lol.

Blanket a Month?

Over the next two weeks, I am FINALLY going to finish all the afghans and quilts I was planning to make different people for Christmas, including the one that will be draped over my recliner in my bedroom (which was supposed to be an afghan for my bed, but I don’t think I will have enough yarn to make it a queen size and the verigated yarn I am using has been discontinued).
So, once I am done with them, I am thinking I will start early for next year and make a blanket or afghan a month between now and next year. Does anyone want to join me in the blanket a month challenge? I would like to use this year to work on my different skills and learn some new methods.
So… Who is with me?