Reminded Again

I was reminded again how truly blessed we really are. This year things are tight because of Cowboy’s injury at work and the worker’s comp pay cut, so Christmas was going to be lean.
But, the family at 2nd Baptist here in town (the church Mini attends) adopted him for Christmas.
I am so thankful to the community at the church for helping. They brought everything they got him over the other day. They got him a nice new coat, a pair of jeans, a shirt, sweat shirt, and lots of little stocking stuffer things. Those things have allowed me to get him a few more toys than I had planned since I do not need to get him those items now.
I was very touched when they dropped off the stuff to the house. I did not ask for it, I didn’t whine about our financial situation, they just did it. I will be forever grateful for these people.

Yes, Mini goes to a different church than I do. We have decided to not force a faith on him, we are letting him choose. Cowboy and I have decided to do it this way so Mini’s beliefs are true to him, what he feels in his own heart and soul, and not just what his parents have forced on him.
He enjoys church and has his own personal relationship with God and I think this being his choice is the important part. I don’t stress denomination, I’m just happy that, at 11, he has faith.

The Angels at his church will be in my thoughts and prayers for thinking of us and helping us this year. And next year, I hope to be able to return the kindness by helping a child at Christmas time the way we were helped.

Some Crafting is done!!

Mini asked me to make stockings this year since he was tired of the “boring red ones” so I told him to go to my stash and choose the fabric. He chose some naughty or nice flannel I got last year after Christmas for 50 cents a yard. So, I sat down with him and we traced an old stocking on a sheet of laminated paper (an old wall map I got from Fishnet, 10 for a dime!!). I showed him how to extend the pattern enough to sew it properly and cut out the bases of the stockings.
Now, we needed cuffs…. Back to the stash we went.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/19d/40815981/files/2014/12/img_0115.jpg The stockings cut and laid out to make sure everything looks good and it all fits together.

The boys (Cowboy and Mini) will have green cuffs and I will have red. They look great and I can’t wait to see them filled next week!

The finished stocking. I think they came out really cute!