Newest Quilt Top

Finished the MLP quilt top the other day! One of these days, I will eventually save up to buy a long arm machine to do the quilting a little easier.

The first picture is the middle of the quilt. Its a lap size quilt. The second picture is adding the 2″ by 2″ blocks to the border. I added those all around to the edging of the quilt. It will be backed in white, I think, and the quilting will be done with purple thread.

Projects to Start The New Year

Some of the projects I am working on as this new year begins.
For Christmas I got some fat quarter packs from my Mother for quilting as well as a new rotary cutting tool and mat, so, one of the first projects I have for the new year is a quilted scarf using those quarters. I am not exactly sure what pattern I will be using, but I want to do something different, so probably something with triangles.
I am also working on a purple and white square afghan done in rounds. This is a project I started a while ago and put down. I don’t even remember what stitch I was using. It looks like a half-double-crochet so that is what I am going with, using a 5mm hook.
Another idea I saw that I think will be really cook is one I challenged my mom and one of her best friends to do along with me. It is a temperature blanket where you do a row a day with the color based on the high temperature that day. I need to figure out the colors I want to use and the temperature ranges for each color.
I also have a circle afghan I am working on in shades of purple, including a verigated pallet. This one will probably be the one I do not work on to much.
I am also working on a My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic themed quilt. This one will be a jellyroll style quilt. I need to cut the strips for the jellyroll this week. I have 3 fat quarters of MLP material and a few fat quarters to represent each of the main ponies. I am not sure how big this quilt will be, it just all depends on how large the material I have will allow me to make it. Since all three people in my family enjoy MLP, I might actually use the material to make a few tablet pouches and computer pouches for everyone instead of a blanket.
What is everyone else working on as the new year begins?


I know, I know, I have not been very good about posting here in the last few months. Part of my 2017 promises is to actually post here more often.
How about a little update on my little family before we begin the new year. Cowboy is no longer driving a big truck. He has hung up his CB Radio and now has a job where he is home daily, working in a casino in town as a surveillance agent. He enjoys what he does so I am happy for him.
Mini is doing well as a seventh grader. It is like we were hit with all the wonderful things about being a teenage boy all at once. Eating us out of house and home, voice breaking, body odor changing, hormones, acne, everything! He is now taller than I am and is finally filling out.
I am still working at the thrift store and doing well. I have a ton of different crafting projects started. Hopefully I will finish at least some of them this year.

Full Swing

Holiday crafting is in full swing around here! Just started 2 new crochet projects and I’m working on a few quilted pieces. Still have to cut and sew a few smaller projects. Also some needlepoint projects are in the planning phase. Cook books have been written and just need to be put together. 

I think tomorrow since I am off work it’s time to put on some Christmas music and actually write out what I still have to make and for whom. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 


With all the people around me who are getting married I have been asked how to make a marriage work. Phew! That means I have fooled everyone into thinking I know what I’m doing. But the truth is, there is no one hard fact that can be applied to every marriage. Heck, I have been married for 15 years and I’m still figuring it out. 

To me, marriage is many things. It’s accepting his morning breath. It’s knowing her socks never match. It’s knowing he likes a cup of black coffee after work. It’s knowing she hates to wear a bra at home. 

It’s telling him he stinks when he forgets to put on deodorant. Or knowing she hates tuna fish. It’s staying up late to say good night when he gets home from work. Or making her a cup of coffee when she gets up for work. 

It’s watching a football game with him because he likes it even though you don’t. Or sitting through a romcom with her for the same reason. 

It’s knowing he collects rare coins. Or knowing her favorite thing on a Saturday is to cuddle and read together. 

It’s knowing that, when the chips are down and your backs against the wall, someone is in your corner, come what may. 

That’s marriage to me. 


I have a favorite quote I use all the time. It’s perfect for when you, or someone you know, is feeling unimportant. It’s from Doctor Who 

“In 900 years of travel through time and space I have never met anyone who was not important.” 

Just think about that for a moment. No matter what, you are important to someone and someone is glad you are alive….. Even if it is a mad man in a blue box šŸ˜œ

They say…

They say if you are not liberal before 30 you have no heart and if you are liberal after 30 you have no brain. 

As the political season kicks into high gear with the Presidential election in November, I am struck by how true the statement really is. 

This will be an interesting election, possibly one of the most important one of our lives. I am very curious to see how the American People will vote. 

Night and Day

What a difference a few weeks can make! I am my old self again, a self I had almost forgotten about, a self I ignored and allowed to fall by the wayside. 

We are in our own home now, our own space, and can do things our own way again. And people are noticing. My coworkers notice how I’m acting and the attitude change. Cowboy is noticing the difference and says his wife is back. Mini Cowboy has even noticed. 

What a difference a few weeks can make! 

Follow-up on last post

Last post I spoke about SSS, Supportive Spouse Syndrome. The more I’m around my friends, the wife is my age, the husband is 15 years older, the more I’m positive that my beliefs are a dying ideal amongst my peers. The snide little comments, I feel, are very disrespectful. 

The comments about Cowboy not cooking or scrubbing floors bother me. I don’t comment on their relationship so why do they both feel the need to comment on mine? My personal opinion? And this is my blog so my opinion, in this space, is the one that matters. They are insecure in their relationship because they are obsessed with the household work being equal. She has forced him to be more of a woman than she is. 

She pointed out that Cowboy and I don’t argue so there must be something wrong with us. “He must be controlling and you are just mentally abused to the point that you don’t speak up.” That’s what was said to me. Because I don’t argue with my husband, especially in public. We don’t raise our voices to each other, we don’t swear at each other, we don’t call each other names or insult each other. Because I show him respect, I am apparently abused. 

That attitude sickens me. When a husband and wife respect each other enough to be kind to each other, the wife is mentally abused? How does that make sense? 

So I explained to this friend why we don’t fight and argue. We talk openly and honestly about everything. And I mean everything. We both have very strong opinions about things. But, we don’t feel the need to raise our voices or call one another names to get our point across. 

Sorry, I’m not abused, I just respect my husband.