I know, I know, I have not been very good about posting here in the last few months. Part of my 2017 promises is to actually post here more often.
How about a little update on my little family before we begin the new year. Cowboy is no longer driving a big truck. He has hung up his CB Radio and now has a job where he is home daily, working in a casino in town as a surveillance agent. He enjoys what he does so I am happy for him.
Mini is doing well as a seventh grader. It is like we were hit with all the wonderful things about being a teenage boy all at once. Eating us out of house and home, voice breaking, body odor changing, hormones, acne, everything! He is now taller than I am and is finally filling out.
I am still working at the thrift store and doing well. I have a ton of different crafting projects started. Hopefully I will finish at least some of them this year.

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