Follow-up on last post

Last post I spoke about SSS, Supportive Spouse Syndrome. The more I’m around my friends, the wife is my age, the husband is 15 years older, the more I’m positive that my beliefs are a dying ideal amongst my peers. The snide little comments, I feel, are very disrespectful. 

The comments about Cowboy not cooking or scrubbing floors bother me. I don’t comment on their relationship so why do they both feel the need to comment on mine? My personal opinion? And this is my blog so my opinion, in this space, is the one that matters. They are insecure in their relationship because they are obsessed with the household work being equal. She has forced him to be more of a woman than she is. 

She pointed out that Cowboy and I don’t argue so there must be something wrong with us. “He must be controlling and you are just mentally abused to the point that you don’t speak up.” That’s what was said to me. Because I don’t argue with my husband, especially in public. We don’t raise our voices to each other, we don’t swear at each other, we don’t call each other names or insult each other. Because I show him respect, I am apparently abused. 

That attitude sickens me. When a husband and wife respect each other enough to be kind to each other, the wife is mentally abused? How does that make sense? 

So I explained to this friend why we don’t fight and argue. We talk openly and honestly about everything. And I mean everything. We both have very strong opinions about things. But, we don’t feel the need to raise our voices or call one another names to get our point across. 

Sorry, I’m not abused, I just respect my husband. 

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