First Big Project of 2015

Well, I have realized it is impossible to find a straight out 6 pointed star crochet pattern. I found a 6 into 24 point pattern and just removed the addition of the other points, since my BFF wants just the 6 pointed Star of David in the colors of the Israeli flag.
I initially wanted to work a Jacob’s Ladder into the points, just to add that little extra religious symbolism, but couldn’t find one that looked good.
I don’t usually make afghans “to order” like this, I will usually choose someone who I think would appreciate a hand made afghan and spend a year creating it, but J is a very special kid.
This is going to be a present for his bar mitzvah. I could not be more proud of this young man and the way he has developed into a sensitive, caring individual.

So, here it is so far. Every so often I will add an update on the progress as it gets bigger. Almost time to add a little blue!

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