Holiday Crafting time!

I am not spending money on crap gifts this year that will be forgotten about a week after Christmas. I plan on hand making a lot of gifts this year.
My sisters have 3 kids between them, 2 girls and a boy. They are getting scarves.
My sisters (3 of them) are all getting aprons. My brother I am not sure yet. His girlfriend is getting a scarf.
My in-laws will be getting an afghan that is almost done. My Hand Made Gift Exchange partner is getting an apron and a quilted ornament. I’m also including an ornament in Christmas Cards this year.
My son is getting an afghan and my husband an Irish Quilt and a Vape Case with his family crest stitched on front.
My sister-in-law and her kids I am still not sure of yet, lol.
But I have most of it done already and will post pics soon, I promise!!

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