‘Tis The Season

Starting in mid-October, the season of big events gets hopping. This year, with Cowboy’s follow-up X-ray at the end of October, we have even more than usual. We kicked things off this weekend with a pre-birthday lunch for the Mini.
My in-laws come over every weekend, especially now that they are building a house in the lot next to the one we used to live on in the next city over. So, they travel the 150 miles one way from right outside Memphis to right outside Little Rock every other weekend or so. It was like clockwork, every third Saturday, when Cowboy was home, they would be here for a few hours to take us to lunch and visit.
This Saturday was also the day Abbie, our Blue Heeler/Aussi Shepard mix, was due for her monthly stuff (flea and tick drops and heartworm meds). We also planned to clip her toe nails as well, since she sounded like she wore tap shoes when scampering down the hall. If you want to see a dog get confused, clip her toenails after she goes click-clack for a few months and then let her walk around. Abbie didn’t know what to think when she didn’t make a sound while walking around.
After the dog-chores, it was off to lunch, we went to the catfish place we go to at least once a month. Its one of those neighborhood places where the waitresses know your order and the owner will chat with the regular customers. Cowboy and I decided to give Mini his big birthday gift a few days early at his birthday lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. The new Kindle Fire was a huge hit! He has been using it ever since we gave it to him! I think, though, once he goes back to school tomorrow, we will have to set down some ground rules, like that he actually has to read on the Kindle, and not just use it to play games. We did save some of his smaller gifts to give him on his actual birthday.
With Mini’s birthday, it also means my time is running short to finish some of my Holiday crafting projects. The first project I need to finish? This week, I will be taking some red felt, a paper circle, some newspaper, and a white “M” to make Mini’s Halloween costume. He is going to be an M&M.
I also have an afghan to finish, and some mug/glass pads to finish (quilted single coasters for a desk, a set of 12 for each gift), some teacher’s gifts (scarves), and a few throw quilts for some people. So it is going to be a busy few months around here!
At least I can start my busy days with some pumpkin pie coffee creamer to get me into an early holiday mood!

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