More Jelly Roll?

If you have read this blog before, you probably know I’m sort of addicted to jelly roll races! Since I am too cheap to spend $30 on a pre cut jelly roll, I cut my own. Every time I make a project of any kind, I save any scraps that can be cut into 2″ wide strips and put the strips into a bin. Then, when I want to make a quilt, I can just pull out strips and start sewing.
Jelly roll race quilts are awesome for those just starting out and learning to quilt. You can add difficulty as you get more comfortable with spacers, borders, and bindings.
I decided tonight it was time to undertake my biggest challenge yet, a queen size quilt for my bed. I am not exactly sure how I’m going to do the actual quilting part of it, but I will figure that out when the time comes I guess.
I will post pics as I get more done, but this one will be huge! I used half my bin of strips, many from fat quarters, many from just yardage of fabric, many from short yardage I got in a huge lot of various yardage on EBay.
Another great part about jelly roll quilts? The fabric doesn’t have to always go together! So you can use combinations you never thought to use together. Ok, back to work now!

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