Dream Sewing Room

Anyone ever try cutting 4 feet long strips of quilting binding using a 12 inch long self healing mat, 14 inch long straight edge ruler and rotary cutter? Yeah, curse words slipped out and I was glad my son was not home, especially when the cutter slipped during repositioning of everything and almost sliced off the tip of my finger.
This got me thinking about my dream sewing room design. What would be in the room? What tools would I have?
The room itself would be about the size of an average bedroom with a large walk-in closet and would be set up in a way that even my mother, the woman who taught me to sew, who could sit down and 5 hours later have a full formal dress planned out, fabric needed calculated, pattern in mind, finished product sketched out, and fabric swatches either pulled from her stash or ordered. To say she has talent is an understatement. My mother is truly gifted with a Singer!
So, my dream sewing room….
The basics, of course, tons of lighting, lots of throw rugs that can be removed easily if needed, peg boards, cork boards, dry erase. A quilt frame in the corner for my latest quilting project.
Along one wall would be a banquet size cutting table, at least half of its surface is a self healing mat with different size cutters lining the peg board on the wall with clear plastic templates above them on the wall.
The other half of the table is set up for cutting patterns and fabric, with lots of cutting tools hanging on peg boards on the wall.
Between the cutting table and the sewing tables is an over sized ironing board with three different irons, one for regular use, one for dry ironing, and one for fuse-able stuff. There is also a free standing steamer.
In the corner is a dress form. There are several sewing tables with a few machines also.
Tucked behind the quilting frame is a foldable three part mirror and fitting stand for apparel projects.
Now for the closet. There are shelves, bins, baskets, and cabinets along the walls of the closet with everything and anything a well stocked sewing room would need.
The closet can also be used as a fitting room, it’s that big! There is, of course, a radio in the room and a large magnet that can be used to find dropped pins.
What would you have in your dream sewing room?


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