Summer into Fall

As summer fades into fall and the calendar turns another page, it is time for things to really get busy around here!
The weather may not realize summer is over, still reaching 85 degrees during the long Indian Summer here, but September marked the start of our family’s celebration season.
Most of our family birthdays fall between September and December, with all the holidays thrown in there as well.
This means I am busy with my hooks, needles, and pins! This week I hope to finish two Christmas afghans and at least one Christmas lap quilt.
I have also started a few birthday presents.
I also need to find a pattern for a six pointed star afghan for my best friend’s son’s bar mitzvah one year from now.
I will post pictures of all my projects as they are completed, I just will not say who they are for if there is a chance they will see the blog.
So, happy crafting and gifting everyone!!

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