Dear Lady In The Next Car

Dear Lady In The Next Car,
You don’t know me, but I saw you, from my seat in the truck, next to my husband. I saw you yelling at your kids, I know what you said, you see, I can read lips. I saw you curse my husband for pulling the air horn when kids in the car on his side asked him to, but you were too busy yelling to realize your own kids giggled, because they were making the same request.
I saw you with your white knuckled grip on the steering wheel when we were next to you, I saw your words directed at us, “Damn trucks are dangerous and need to stay off the road when decent people are traveling.”
I understand a big truck can be intimidating at times, driving beside one can be scary. But the drivers are human, just like you, and they are trying to earn a living to support their families. How do you think everything you own got to the store?
But, trucks are not to be feared. Maybe if you knew the safety measures in a truck you wouldn’t be so nervous. Did you know that this truck has a lane assist system that buzzes in the cab if the driver crosses a line without his blinker on? Or that the truck will disengage the cruise control and apply the break if the truck gets too close to the vehicle in front of him? The driver could run the truck at full speed at a brick wall and not apply the break but never hit it with the safety features!
My husband, the truck driver beside you, was at more of a risk from YOU swerving into HIM than you ever are from him swerving into you.
Don’t fear trucks, respect them. Teach your kids to respect trucks and their drivers.
You never know, your child might take your disdain for trucks and truckers and actually become one some day.
The Passenger In The Big Rig.

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