Current projects

I know, it’s been a while since my last project update. I am currently in the middle of three different projects and planning three more.
The first “in progress” project is the one I have been working on since my sister told me she was expecting a baby girl. My niece, Ella, is now 2 years old and I am still working on a soft pink blanket for her. So, I have decided to make it a twin size blanket, made in a traditional granny square pattern, but with mini stitches (so a 4 stitch by 4 stitch square is 1 square inch). It will be soft baby pink and pearl white. That one will be finished by September.
The second “in progress” project is a jelly roll style quilt for my other niece’s high school graduation. I need to finish the quilting part of it and the binding tonight so I can give it to my in-laws tomorrow to bring it to her for me. I will post pictures of it tomorrow after it is complete.
The third “in progress” project is a crochet afghan for my in-laws. Their birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other, so I would like to give them this as a birthday present. It is an afghan done in rounds, a square pattern, in maroon and cream. I need to finish this one by the time The Man comes home next weekend so I can give it to them both when they visit. I will post a picture a bit later.

Projects in planning phase are going to be fun!
First, there is the aprons for charity. One of my BFFs, M, knows a family who was struck with a personal medical situation and is doing a yard sale of hand made goods to help raise money to help the family. Between end-of-bolt out of season fabric deals and eBay, I have a bunch of different holiday themed fabrics, so I am going to make some different holiday themed aprons to send her to add to the yard sale.
I also am going to make The Man a quilted tablet case. I’m thinking either something in his two favorite colors, sky blue and smoke gray, or somehow working his family crest into the design somehow. The whole thing will be double quilted to provide extra padding.
The third project I’m planning will be a surprise to everyone, including me, since I’m not fully sure what it will be yet.
Stay tuned for pictures and updates to the projects as they become available!

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