Raising an Unplugged Millenial

The Man and I have taken a lot more flack for this than I care to admit. When people find out that Mini Man doesn’t have an iPhone or an iPad or an iAnything or a TV in his room we get the looks, the questions, even acusations of neglect! How is it neglect to not have a tv in his room?

We made the choices for him we have for our own reasons. There are times i think Mini Man is the only 10 year old without an iPhone, or iPad or iAnything. Is he really the only kid in his class without his own computer?

He has to go outside to play and talk to friends, he has to ask before using my computer for the internet. We monitor his web browsing and it is limited to educational needs only . A computer will not raise my child, that is my honor.

He doesn’t just turn on the tv and fall asleep at night. If he isn’t tired at bed time he may read a book. And he does. At 10 he has read the Sword of Truth series, he loves fantasy books, just like his parents. He is so far above his grade level in reading it amazes me. He also writes. As the son of a blogger and with a father who writes like The Man, you bet Mini Man writes well.

Yes, we do have a wii, but its in the living room and its use is monitored, but, I honestly can not remember the last time it was even turned on! I don’t have a problem with that. He has a Ds but its use is also controlled and monitored.

Unlike many of his classmates, Mini Man is not overweight, he knows how to act around people, he can compose proper letters, he is well read, and can use his imagination!

If a child like that is abuse or neglect, then, I guess he is both. But, tell me that again in 7 years when the acceptance letters from Ivy Leagues are coming in daily or the scholarship awards are coming in. Tell me then that we did the wrong thing because my respectful well rounded child did not have a tv in his room, tell me that all the monitoring was wrong when he is defending those who were not given boundries as kids, or when he is preaching, or getting a PhD in Theology.

He has set his own goals in life, and we are simply ensuring that he has the tools within himself to make it where he wants to go.

Until then, check your kid’s browser history and tell me my choices are wrong.

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