If The World Had a Front Porch


Can you imagine how great things would be, how peaceful and friendly if every home had a front porch? If we all had that single reminder to take things slower, to sit for a few moments and enjoy their surroundings.
Not all front porches would need to be large, just enough space for a chair or two, so people can relax in comfort.
The presence of a front porch provides a place for a person to have so many moments, so many coming of age activities, so many treasured memories that will never fade from the picture of your youth.
It’s a place for many evenings star gazing with cold sweet tea. It is a place to enjoy cook outs with friends and neighbors, or lazy afternoon chess games. A place to sit with loved ones while watching children chase fireflies or to enjoy a fireworks display.
A front porch is the perfect place for a romantic, soft kiss goodnight after a first date, or to talk out the resolutions to school-yard fights. It’s the place to discuss football or dream of college and freedom. It’s where teenage boys fret over asking their girlfriend to the prom, or where teenage girls fret that their crush won’t ever notice them.
All in all, the song is right, if the world had a front porch, things would be better. We would have a lot more Mayberry and a lot less everything else.

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