People always tell me “Oh, your hair is so thick! I would kill for hair that thick.” I know they mean it as a compliment, but, no, no you wouldn’t. I would kill for thinner hair.
I carry a brush everywhere. Not for “I’m a girl” primping, but because if I go 12 hours without running a brush through it, it gets tangled. Not just regular, take 10 minutes to comb out tangles. No, more like I want to shave my head take four days of combing to get out tangles.
Want to wash your hair? Hope you have 4 hours to blow dry because you have to, it becomes a cotton ball, puffed out wider than your shoulders if you don’t. And, yes, to fully blow dry, it takes 4 hours.
For years, I have heard it all about covering my hair. I have been called a religious zealot, been told I was being repressed. You know why I really cover? Because if I do, my hair isn’t exposed to the elements and can actually stay nice. The wind can tangle it horribly. The humidity can frizz it. Covering prevents that.
I grow it out long, past my backside long, so the length will weigh it down and compress some of the thickness and frizz. Not to mention the curl. But, growing it out like that, never cutting it, causes dead and split ends.
I have to go to a mega-chain place for cuts. The small, private owned places take one look at my hair and charge an extra $20 because of the sheer volume and thickness. So, I have to go to a chain place inside Walmart. And you know Walmart isn’t going to attract good stylists because they won’t pay them as well.
Want to take a shower? Make sure to pin it up well and never even get it wet if you don’t have time to do a full wash and dry. If it gets wet and isn’t conditioned, hello frizz and kink city! (Another reason to cover, so rain won’t effect it). And you can’t use an inexpensive conditioner, you need a curl hydrating one or your hair is dry and brittle.
I have lost count of the times I have tripped a circuit breaker in my bathroom from the blow dryer and flat iron. Oh, and I usually burn out 2 flat irons a year, so I don’t bother with the high dollar ones.
Frizz-ease? Yeah, that stuff doesn’t work. And if it did, you would need a full bottle of that stuff every time you used it.
Coloring your hair is another chore. Again, not something most people can afford in a salon because of extra charges related to thickness. Even using an at home kit, you need 2 boxes.
You would kill for hair this thick? Yeah, sure. I would kill for thinner hair.

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