We Are Mavericks!

I want to take a few minutes to say something about my husband’s company. I can’t say enough good things about them. This is the only company that actually has a sanctioned Facebook group for the wives of the company drivers, that Corporate is a member of! If there is an issue, I know I can call his fleet manager and he will be sure it is settled.
The entire time Big J has been working with Maverick, he has gotten home for important events. Every company says they will get you home when you request, but Maverick goes above and beyond to do so. Even in emergency situations, they will go above and beyond.
Right before Christmas, I was rushed to the ER with what we thought was appendicitis, all it took was one phone call and, 10 minutes later, before the hospital even did the CAT Scan to be sure that is what it was, Big J’s work assignment was swapped so he could be home if he needed and one of the fleet managers was calling me to see if I needed anything or if I needed anyone there with me until he got home! (Thankfully, it turned out to not be appendicitis.)
Whenever I drive up to the gate to pick Big J up for a home weekend, Mr. Bill in the guard house comes out to say hi to Little J if he is in the car.
Mavericks take pride in their company, more so than any other trucking company I have ever experienced (I will admit, my experience is limited).
When I talk to other wives about the industry, when I say my husband is a Maverick, they say they have heard nothing but good things about the company and that their husbands wish they could drive for Maverick, but, for one reason or another, they can’t. You see, Maverick doesn’t hire just anybody, they take only the best of the best! You don’t “work for Maverick,” you ARE a Maverick. Its an attitude, a sense of pride, a feeling of family.
Yes, the nights alone are hard, the time seems endless at times, but with the family atmosphere, its not so bad. I know all I have to do is log into Facebook and there will be another Lady Maverick there to talk to. We are a community. I can go on the Facebook group and complain about the fact that it seems appointments are only for the drivers, that customers never seem to be able to keep them, or share the pride with them when a driver from another company asked Big J to help him plan a route or asked a question about the reefer unit because, after all, Mavericks know their stuff! And the Lady Mavericks will help me get through the endless nights, they will share the pride when someone recognizes the company and asks a question.
Is it tough to be a Lady Maverick? Not when you have a sense of pride in what your husband does, when the company goes above and beyond to help foster that sense of pride.
Mavericks aren’t “just truckers,” they are professional drivers.
If you are ever on the road and see that signature maroon truck, know that driver is a professional driver who takes pride in their work and their company! And to my fellow Lady Mavericks, if you are ever in the NLR yard and you see that jungle hat and suspenders, say hi to Big J!

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  1. I just have to say that was an awesome post, Melissa! Very well said. I agree with her and also want to express my appreciation to Maverick for the way they conduct their business and how they treat my husband. Mark & I are proud to be a part of the Maverick family. And to the Maverick wives-join our Maverick Wives Fb group!

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