The Return of Horribly Mean Mommy

“But, Mom, I you are ruining me trying to read! Do you mean you don’t want me to read?” That is the cry that is echoing through my house right now. And what, you ask, prompted this outcry, proclaiming that I am the meanest mommy in the world who is actually trying to prevent my ten year old from reading?
This outrage has a cause. The fact of the matter is that he did not begin reading until after I asked him to pick up his game. You see, he has a habit of not picking up his games when he is finished playing with them and, imagine this, the pieces get lost! So he was told to put the game away, at that moment, he picked up a book to read and I became the mean mommy who doesn’t want him to read.
So, now, he is sulking and continuing to explain that I am hindering his reading time by making him clean up his game. But, when he goes to play Monopoly Millionaire later this afternoon, he will have all the pieces and it will be put away neatly.

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