Crafting Project Organization…

So, how do you keep your different crafting projects organized? At any given time, I have about 3 or 4 different projects going, between crochet and needlepoint. I was trying to think of a good way to organize them all so things don’t get lost or, in the case of the crochet, I don’t forget the hook I am using.
About 6 months ago or so I mentioned this to my Mom, thinking she might have an idea, since she always had multiple projects going when I was growing up. Two weeks later, I get a package from Mom. She sent me a bunch of Post-It-Note reusable tote bag things, and a ShopRite reusable shopping bag. I had a few reusable shopping bags in different sizes already. They are perfect for holding everything needed for different projects! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?
Right now, I have the crochet afghan I am making for my bed to match our summer quilt in one of the larger Post-It-Note bags. It is large enough to hold the afghan and 10 different skeins of yarn! Plus, if the hook falls out of the afghan, it does not get lost.
The second Post-It-Note bag has the maroon and off white yarn for another afghan. I am not too sure yet the pattern I am going to use or the hook size, but the yarn is all in one place when I do decide these things.
I am using the ShopRite bag to hold all the stuff for my holiday crocheting I have already started. I am making lots of scarves, some dish cloths and towels, a few bar soap pouches, and some other things. These are all one skein projects that use the same hook.
In some of my smaller pouches are embroidery hoops with the thread and needles needed for them. For these, I have a zippered pencil case that goes from one to the other with a thimble, snippers, small roll of masking tape, and other odds and ends needed for needle point.
All of these bags are awesome! They are a great way to organize projects. Whenever I want to work on one or have an extra spare hour that I can use to craft, I can just grab one of the bags and have everything I need!   
Once again, my mom comes to the rescue with project organization! Thank you, Mom!!

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