Natural Treatment Path

Well, I had yet another doctor tell me I am imagining all the effects PCOS is having on my body, most of which are plain to see just by looking at me. I am very open and honest about the effects of this horrible condition, but I do not allow PCOS to rule my life. Even though I try not to allow it to effect me, but it does. The stares, the looks, the whispered conversations.
So, after being told I am imagining the symptoms that I have had for over half my life, the unwanted body hair, the hair loss, the PCOS pooch, irregular cycles, absent ovulation, mood swings, miscarriages, deeper voice and an insulin resistance, to name a few. So, to the internet I went, in search for other options to treat it.
I have tried everything in the book the medical worls has to offer, creams, hormone pills, birth control pills, water pills, everything, and nothing worked.
So, starting tonight, I have gone back to the herbal way of dealing with it. In the past I have only taken the Saw Palmetto, but, alone it only lessens the symptoms, so I have addes to it.
This is what I have come up with:
Saw Palmetto, two 450mg twice a day
Cinnamon plus Chromium- two 500mg tabs twice a day
Fish Oil with Omega-3- 1200mg (360mg Omega) twice a day
Royal Jelly- 500mg three times a day
I will see how these work before adding others. I hope this helps control the symptoms and the effects of this condition. You know, since I am imagining them all.

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