What would you, really, say?

With the recent Supreme Court cases coming p, it got me thinking. So many people are posting graphics about marriage equality or gay rights. It is the cause du jour right now. But, what would you REALLY say?
What would you REALLY say if your mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter told you that they were gay based only on your public stand point on “marriage equality,” based on a graphic you posted? Would you really accept them?
Lets take it further, since we are talking marriage rights and equality. What if your son or daughter came up to you and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m polyamorous.” Would you be as accepting of them then? Would you support them and welcome their partners to your family table? Or would you draw back in shock and hatred?
What about other unconventional relationships that are between consenting adults? What about a kink relationship? Would you look differently on your daughter is she said to you, “Mom, Dad, I am a submissive in a committed kink based relationship,” as opposed to “Mom and Dad, I am a submissive wife based on Biblical female submission?” The only main difference there is the sexual aspect.
If your sister or brother came to you to reveal they were polyamorous, would you say they were wrong or what happens in their bedroom was their own business? Or would you disown that person and say they were not a family member any longer?
Which is it? Are you for marriage equality or not? Or are you only for marriage equality for same sex couples but not for anyone else? You would be surprised at how many people might be in what the general population would consider conventional relationships.
Think about that a minute. What do you think, now?

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