Weight and Health

I know my weight is effecting my blood pressure. I know my weight is effecting my PCOS and its side effects. I know my weight is effecting my way of life. I don’t drink nearly enough water. I eat too much crap.

So, starting today, right now, I am on a mission to lose a bit of weight. I have succumbed to self pity and depression, between the car situation and the advancement of the PCOS’s visual side effects. So, I am going to fix it.

I am giving myself one week to change my eating habits, then I will buy a scale and track my weight loss, weighing myself every week.

I will cut my coffee drinking in half, making a half a pot instead of a whole pot a day. I am cutting out soda, replacing it instead with almost frozen water, and cutting out unhealthy snacks, including Cheetos, my weakness. I will also be walking more. Three days a week when I check the mail, I will take the long way, extending the walk to 20 minutes instead of 10, three times a week, with the 10 minute walk on the days I am not extending it to 20.

I don’t have a specific weight in mind, just healthier. I want to get rid of the belly fat and tone up my tummy a little bit, I also want to get my legs as toned as they were when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with the way I look, but I want to be healthier.

Wish me luck! I will share weight loss and maybe even pictures with the blog once a month!

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