My Style

Dressing like I do, and living smack dab in the buckle of the Bible Belt, I get a lot of comments on my wardrobe. I am asked if I am a member of the Duggar family, or what church I attend, or if I am a Pentecostal, or what Jewish Temple I attend. All because of how I dress. I usually politely answer the person asking, but it does get annoying sometimes.

I would best describe my style as conservative, I don’t feel the need to flaunt my body with tight, revealing clothes, and I like to look feminine. Its my own personal preference. 

I wear skirts pretty much exclusively, mid calf length or longer. I know this is almost unheard of for women my age, but I only own two pairs of jeans, one blue and one black. I almost never wear them. I like the line of a skirt, the look of them. Yes, it is hard to find skirts like that in my size, but my mom did teach me to sew and, in fact, just got me a brand new sewing machine for Christmas, and I do use it, and make many of my skirts. I just had to reinforce my favorite skirt pattern again. I also find great skirts at thrift stores and the Salvation Army store! Lots of them there! I also have turned lots of those strapless sun dresses into control top skirts. I do wear sun dressed, also.

I HATE low cut tops that show deep cleavage I don’t wear “belly shirts” that show midsection. I shouldn’t feel the need to show my belly to be popular. I, personally, with my body type, think it looks trashy to show my belly or too much cleavage.

I also usually wear a bandana or other hair covering. Anyone who grew up around me knows just how thick my hair is. It, literally, looks like a fuzz ball when I don’t take three hours to straighten it. I like to wear it down and it is long, down to my backside, so I usually cover the top of my head with a bandana to keep it under control while it is down and long.

I don’t try to push my style on people, I don’t look down on those who do not dress like I do, who dress the exact opposite way. I do, however, hate when people try to press their way of dressing on me. The way a person dresses is how they express themselves, it says a lot about a person.
This is to put this all out here, it is to tell people I am comfortable this way, I am not comfortable wearing jeans the way most of them are cut, my husband likes the way I dress, and, most importantly, I like the way I dress.

If you have a problem with the way I dress or the way I look, well, you know where the door is, don’t let it hit you in the keister on the way out, if you judge someone because they don’t dress like you, I don’t need or want you as a friend, acquaintance, or reader.

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