Quick and Easy bath mitt and washcloth


I was a little bored the other night and wanted to figure out something to do with all those half skeins of yarn I have left over in my yarn bin from other projects, so I decided to troll the Red Heart patterns online. I found a few that are easy and quick, all of which take under one skein.
After reading through the instructions, I decided to make a few things to donate to the local women’s shelter.
I made a few regular shaped wash clothes and some bath mitts.
After I dropped them off with a friend of mine who works at the shelter, I decided to make myself one. In total, I made a dozen washcloths and 5 mitts for the shelter, and 2 cloths and a mitt for myself.
Here is a pic of the mitt I made for myself.  All of the things I made that night took a total of 3 left over skeins (each only about 1/4 of a skein), the mitt is a mix of DC and SC, the cloths are all sc. I will post a pic of the cloths I made for myself in a little bit. Happy hooking!

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