Yes, please, Ma’am

I am still amazed when I talk to someone from back home and they compliment me on Little J’s manners. Then, I think, and I remember, things like that are different up there. Don’t get me wrong, we were expected to show respect for our elders, we were expected to be polite to our parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, etc… But, it is a total different thing around here.
I have seen 20 year olds who still blush if their parents catch them cussing. It is not heard of here. I love that. It sounds better. Even I do it, too. My son calls people Sir or Ma’am until told otherwise, he calls adults he sees often Miss or Mister, even without me reminding him. He called one of our neighbors Sir until this gentleman told him “Please, I work for a living, call me Sarge,” and even then, it was Mister Sarge (Sarge is a retired Army Ranger who even calls my husband by his rank still, lol).
But, I was thinking about it, how much nicer could people be if they took a moment to think about the person they are speaking to? Even I call our neighbor next door Miss Vivky because she is older than I am.
Some people from back home think I am too hard on Little J when it comes to his manners and being polite, but, you know what, my Yankee influence does show. We are a lot more lax when it comes to Little J and how he speaks. Many people do not allow their kids to use an adult’s firt name, even if Miss or Mister is before it.
Without being prompted to, Little J will still be quiet, stand, and put his hand over his heart when the Anthem comes on, even if it is while watching a game on TV, he will show that respect. Every morning at school (a public school, no less) they do the Anthem, Pledge, and a moment of silent reflection in homeroom, and they teach the kids that you don’t enter a room in the middle of any of it, that you don’t leave the room in the middle, and you show the respect.
About 90% of the businesses around here are either closed or don’t open until noon on Sundays. They take the day off and, even if you are not a church goer, you use the day to relax, visit, and be with loved ones.

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